5 Questions to Help you Refocus your 2020, Pt.1

Hey, friends! Hope you had a restful and fun weekend. I know--that might be a lot of pressure to put on two days, but I hope you had a good one anyway! I took one of my sons skiing on Saturday, and we had a blast together. I love to ski, even though it was a little icy in spots (ok--a lot icy, and I fell TWICE). No worries--my knees are still fully functional and intact. The one fall must have been quite a picture, because after said fall, some dude in the lift line said, "Are you ok? I saw you fall back there and lose your skis." Thaaaanks. Actually, I feel fully vindicated because the on our last runs of the night, my 12 year old had me doing jumps. I am sure it didn't look that amazing--I was probably about 6 inches in the air--but feel free to call me Lindsey Vonn. It felt that spectacular. I'll take it for a Mom-win because it made my kid smile.

Moving right along....

Now that we are well into 2020 (no hindsight jokes just yet, but I promise they will be coming)--WE ARE HEADING INTO MARCH FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. Did you do the Word of the Year? Or any New Year's Resolutions? This is the perfect time, if you did, to assess whether reality is on track with what you said you wanted. Maybe you want to scrap some and start a few new plans which were not even on your radar back in January.

It can be hard to get through the busyness of the holidays and then jump right back into work/planning mode. So now is a good time to consider your progress, or revisit your goals to stay (or get back!) on track. This is a no-judgement zone, so take the encouragement to at least LOOK (just in case January is too far behind us and you forgot what you wrote) at what your plan included.

I wanted (um...truthfully, needed) to take a look at my initial inventory from January. I need to check in quarterly, or better yet, monthly. My inventory was a time to really think about where I wanted to go this year, in a more personal sense. I hope you completed yours, or at least spent some time on a few of the questions to think about your own situation.

I have to say that the Monk Manual I shared with you earlier in January has been pretty helpful, and I am trying to use it to its best advantage. I am still getting used to the layout of the month, then day section, then the daily pages. There is wisdom to it, but it is hard for me when I want to see the month at a glance. The idea I had of keeping a secondary calendar was like, overkill, and I tossed that idea out in a nanosecond, after starting to use the Monk Manual. I like my weekly layout, so I think the Monk Manual would be ideal (for me) as a journal, not as my daily calendar. But I really do like it, so it is still a work in progress. Just taking stock of all the things here....

OK--back to the inventory. Here are the 10 questions again, if you didn't catch them the first time, here they are. I have added my current responses (this is the circle of trust and everything, but I might be way off track at the moment, and am glad I cannot hear you laughing from here). Since there are 10, I broke it down into 5 and 5--we can look at the rest tomorrow.

1. Are you satisfied with the way your life is going (for example, over the past year)?

Yes, overall, but I am not fully committed and doing things I say I want to do. I am moving slowly in the right direction, let's say.

2. What has your emotional state been over the past couple of months/weeks/days? What circumstances have changed which may have affected your emotions, either positive or negative?

All circumstances in my world have been the same, so nothing new to report (that by itself seems strange...for the longest time we had moved or welcomed new babies but the past 6 years have been pretty steady). Overall, my emotions have been fairly steady as well. I have the normal amounts of crazy, I think.

3. Do you take care of yourself physically? What are your reasons?

Ermmmm....I was doing great over the past year and the wheels fell off around Thanksgiving. No exercise, but eating all the food, all the time...not the best combo for long term health. Need to reset my relationship with food. That is a lifelong issue for me, as you will ascertain. I started attending an exercise class a couple of weeks ago and made it out for a long walk last night. It felt great to move my body, so that is a good restart. Baby steps.

4. How do you spend your downtime/free time, when you have any? Does it build you up or exhaust you?

Netflix and snacks anyone? Sort of kidding; it is really only snacks. For the real downtime, lots of reading, scrolling the socials. Not exactly restful, sometimes inspiring. I unfollowed all of the Insta stars (or unknowns) who when I view their pics and content made me feel un-content. It has helped a lot to just use it for the stuff that feels fun and engaging, inspiring, but not to walk away feeling like I am doing the downward comparison spiral and "less" than when I started.

5. What do you do to recharge personally? Is it really working for you?

Probably a lot of overlap from the last question. But I can add in painting. Playing with abstract painting is not something I have ever really done, and it has been very freeing. On the flip side, I am not getting the laundry done because I am painting. Don't tell my hubby. Nevermind--he knows. He has to ask me when he can have more clean clothes. :) Also, increasing amounts of podcast listening--and I am not mad about it.

That is a good start, we can tackle the other 5 tomorrow. They will take a little more thought, so I want to give the their own time.

How about you? Are you on track, or do you need to make some new plans for your year? It was so helpful just to look at this again and be reminded that I had some goals that need a little more attention.

Also-- I am an official podcast junkie, and I want to know which ones you are listening to! Send all your recommendations!

I'll be here folding laundry for the next 3 days, so I have plenty of time to listen.....

xo, Ann Marie

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