5 Questions to Help you Refocus your 2020, Pt. 2

This is the Part 2 of the Inventory--keep working on yours, too! I want to know how you are doing, and we will keep checking back throughout the year on our goals, because the outcome is in our hands! Yay! and Yikes! We have to do the work to get the results. Don't worry, you have all year to work on this!

Ok--diving in....

6. Does your daily work stimulate you? On a sliding scale, where are you between “love it”and “loathe it?”

My work is staying home with the kids, and for the moment I have hit a sweet spot with them in school, and getting to spend the daytime working on other things I really want to do. I feel incredibly privileged--I know not everyone gets to enjoy that. It's a "love it" with blips of "I might run away and leave this mess" (pretty much only when I can't get the kids to get in bed at a decent time).

7. Do you feel deep connections in your life? Are you satisfied with your close relationships?

This is a harder question to grapple with. I have always been a bit of a loner but not a terribly private person (weird, i know). I think mostly yes--I have a few good friends I open up with, and feel really good about this for the most part, but I need to do a better job of just picking up the phone to catch up and chat. I am terrible at doing that, and it is something I really need to work on in my world. I tend to get turn inward and not reach out to anyone, so this is an ongoing challenge.

8. If you are married, how is your relationship with your spouse? Are you growing closer over time, or moving further apart?

We're getting better as we go. Could always improve communication together, as much as I like to think I am good at it, I panic in the moment when I get frustrated, then yell and walk away. Not proud about it, just being honest. Moving closer together over time, though. We make it a point to laugh together and still be silly. I think that helps.

9. What are you core values? Identify 3 or 4 Do your daily habits/decisions bring you closer to living out your values?

Ummmmm...as easily as I can espouse what I believe, I can't distill it down to a word (hence my issues with word of the year...). Found this website to help out since I actually found this to be difficult. This one is going to need its own post! I'll get back to you.

10. What direction do you want your life to take in the next month/year? Are you on that path already or do you need to change course to get there?

I want to work more on my own discipline (which is sadly lacking) in a few areas, including my food choices (I would live on sugar alone), spending time in prayer and meditation daily, working out a few times a week, making purposeful time with my children individually (kind of like a kid date).

I want to do a weekly Bible study with my family. Full disclosure: still hasn't happened yet.

I want to spend more time building my art practice, which has been so great to resurrect. I want to build my business.

It all comes back to my discipline. And also my willingness to feel uncomfortable. I need the monthly check in to see where I am on these metrics, and determine what I need to do DAILY to maintain a forward progression.

I admit, to my bohemian soul, that sounds a little stifling, but I know that is what is really necessary for the success. Even building the daily disciplines seems like a stressful prospect, but I know if I really want to move in that direction, that is what it will take.

Whew. Now I need a nap.

And, I need to check out those core values and tell you what I find. I want to know what values you hold dear! Check out the list on this site and tell me which resonate the loudest for you.

And tell me how your inventory is going!!

xo, Ann Marie

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