"I Just Want to Take Down the Wallpaper," I said.

So I have been dying to do something with our powder room since we moved into our house about 6 years ago. Picture this with me--a small powder room: peeling yellowed cream-colored wallpaper with a printed border, warped vanity cabinet that wiggled slightly if you lean on it. Not awful, just not awesome.

Official "Before" pic of the powder room

And once I had our super traditional camel-back sofa recovered to hot pink velvet and dressed the windows with turquoise chinoiserie curtains with peacocks (I am just going to gloat about it for a quick sec, here--THX), I really wanted the powder room to be awesome. It seemed lame to have such a dull powder room next to such a fun living room. I don't know how else to say it.

And as is the case with homeownership, since nothing was actually broken, and this was simply an aesthetics project, this is the kind of thing that just keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list, so I have waited. Not patiently, mind you. But I waited.

A few years ago, I had a wild hair that I was going to remove the wallpaper in that bathroom. Since I am writing this now, you, dear reader will rightfully assume that project never came to fruition. This is true. I never started it. And since you know how those unfinished projects start to mock you (please tell me I am not alone), being stuck at home for these past weeks has pushed me (right over the edge) to start peeling that ugly wallpaper.

This is where the party started.

Now we have never remodeled anything before, so this process seemed intimidating to me. But, I had bought a few great tools for the project. But sad to say, they didn't help me get the wallpaper off with wall without the drywall coming off in chunks. Yes. I am more destructive than I expected, and had less success with the wallpaper removal than I would like to admit. After about 12 hours of work spread over a few days, my husband said, "Why don't we just replace the drywall?"

To quote Professor Plum in the movie Clue (an all time favorite movie of mine), "IT'S A BIT LATE FOR THAT."

Um, yes. Thank you. Let's do that.

So this is where he gets involved. I am sorry for the blurry pic, I tried to give you the video, but it wasn't working. This is my husband punching through the drywall with at 25lb dumbbell. I know. I was afraid we would be reframing the diplomas in the adjoining room, but praise Jesus, it worked like a charm.

No worries about COVID too, since he is all masked up. Win-win.

Lots of drywall-dust and -cleanup later (which was my contribution to the project), the little room is totally cleared out, and there is a commode sitting right in my living room. Which means, now I have to get some ideas together (quickly!) for this unplanned-for remodel.

I'll share some of the orders I have made tomorrow! The toilet in the living room is certainly sculptural, but it is so much better in the bathroom.

Have you ever remodeled your bathroom? Let me know how you did it!

xo, Ann Marie

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