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There are so many reasons NOT to start a blog. I heard the other day that blogs are dead. Which is most unfortunate news to receive AFTER one starts a blog. It was a blow, I will tell you. But here I am. There are so many reasons why I should just sit back and do nothing. There are experts, after all, who write and advise and explain, and I am just a nerd. A passionate one, though. I am pretty opinionated. If you didn't know that already, you are learning. My hubby laughs that I geek out on stuff that no one else really thinks about. He may be right, but here you are. Ha!

With that in mind, I was so heartened by the responses that I received about this post, and I want to thank you. Your encouragement that my post had encouraged you was so encouraging. Really truly. Publishing the piece felt a bit terrifying, but cathartic. I needed the reminder that God is with me--even in the midst of the most painful situations. Apparently, you did as well.

But all that said, the reason why I am pressing ahead with a blog is this--I want the opportunity to share some deeper stuff with you. The stuff that life is really made of, in my opinion. I want to share about faith, about the hard stuff (even though that phrase probably makes you think of whiskey or tequila. jk) as I did in my last post. You can go to a lot of sites and scroll and be entertained. Actually, I do want to entertain you, too. But I also want a chance to go deeper. And to be fair, Facebook can be a harsh place to try that. I want To share with you some of what I have learned, and that I am still learning. To hash out some cultural things, some hot button issues, some normal everyday life--joys and struggles. Then maybe you have picked up something interesting to share with someone else in need--Whether that person needs to know how to find a good thrifted lamp, a funny story, or comfort that the God of the Universe is present (even when he goes unnoticed).

I heard the other day that even thought we are super connected in an online sense, we have less friendship. And even though we have a louder voice than ever with all of the micro-blogs and social media platforms at our fingertips, we are more afraid than ever to share our personal opinions. I found that to be terribly sad. I know it is true--I have felt it myself. If your opinion goes against the popular grain, it can be hard to feel brave enough to share it. Then you are stuck feeling horribly lonely in spite of "connectedness." It can be incredibly isolating. But I want to give you some courage to speak up. It is better for all of us that way.

I want this to be a community which can tackle some hard topics respectfully and fairly. And to be kind. For Lord's sake, you can disagree and still be kind. You may not always agree with the opinions I share, but I ask that as we move forward together that this remains a safe place for sharing those ideas and opinions. Yours and mine. We may travel over some bumpy roads, but we will weather them well if we keep that in mind.

There are plenty of people out there who are way smarter than me. I do not labor under the misconception that I am bringing "Wisdom" to every topic I touch. There are actual theologists, or psychologists, or decorators or parenting experts, or any number of hats I like to try on from time to time (I actually am a thrift expert, though, so...). I try to observe, learn and make an opinion. I would like to make you think sometimes, make you laugh sometimes, give you hope sometimes.

The fact that you have come read what I am writing from my humble point of view, is a staggering honor. So thank you. And please meet me back here tomorrow for more. We have some interesting things coming up.

xo, Ann Marie

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