Wallpaper, Vanities, and Sinks...Oh My!

Y'all. There are too many choices of vanity cabinet out there. Like too many.

I don't always think of myself as indecisive, but when I do, I become completely paralyzed.

Here is where I am stuck at the moment. I am a wallpaper girl. I admit it. Even though taking down 30 year old wallpaper was such a traumatic experience (twice now, since the dining room wallpaper was also a debacle), hope springs eternal. The wallpaper I loved (featured above--raawwrrr) is out of budget for this project. Once we began staying home nonstop, the list of other things we want to tackle around the house understandably grew, and I have to spread out the capital among a few more projects, but I will hold out hope that I can use it another time. I mean....come on...pink, leopards, and banana leaves...my heart sings. Another day, fingers crossed.

Moving on.

I picked a cabinet and faucet, while my husband stared over my shoulder and wondered why it took me so long. Fun fact: He is decisive to a point that it sometimes makes me uncomfortable.

I did make a few picks--and here they are:

Pro decorating tip--DO NOT start with the paint color, unless it is already on the wall and you don't want to change it. Pick an inspiration piece first, and then use the colors and theme as a starting point to plan the rest of the decor/paint choices. Keep the color scheme unified (though not necessarily the same) for every room that connects to it.

Since I am working with a small bathroom with no window, meaning no rugs or fabric options which are the best places to start for inspiration and color choices, I will start with art.

It still has to speak to the adjacent rooms, but feel more free to take some bold risks in a powder room. The leopard/leaf wallpaper would have been the inspiration because it connected some of the colors of the other rooms close by.

For our house, the powder room is right by the front door and the living room (read: by the pink sofa and turquoise chinoiserie curtains) and we have cream colored woodwork and dark brown wood floors. Down the hall is the the kitchen, which has navy blue walls and cream colored cabinets.

My intent is to incorporate blue and pink into the art, so that it ties into the living room AND the kitchen. The Chinese vase prints are the outlier here, but they do come as a set. The landscape has no pink, but I love the movement of the clouds from the painting.

I love abstract art (and I keep trying to paint abstracts in my little studio, to varying degrees of success). These abstracts above feel really fresh and fun, and they connect the colors I am wanting to incorporate and they give me the most options for choosing wall paint colors.

At the moment I am leaning towards a really pale peachy pink or a creamy shade. This is from playing around on the Sherwin-Williams website. I do not specifically endorse Sherwin-Williams above other paints, but they are the paint store closest to my house, so they win for my project.

More updates to come! I could scroll art and paint inspiration all day, but I have to go prep for our Zoom Bible study. And make food. And clean up. Again. *sigh*

What do you think? Now taking your ideas and recommendations!

xo, Ann Marie

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