We have a Winner, but Really y'all are Winners Here

YAAAYYYY!!! Time to celebrate!

If you completed my 7 Day Marriage Challenge, I am so proud of you! I hope you are reaping the benefits of having a little more fun in your relationship. Your husband is probably celebrating YOU all week. If you started it and didn't finish the challenge, I am still proud of you! Glad you made a go of it; that takes courage. If you thought about it and were horrified at the idea, but you had fun laughing about it, I am proud that you came back to read my blog again! Ha!

Thank you, no matter your level of participation. Or amount of blushing.

A little bird just told me that this challenge has been a fun jump-start for her marriage! I am so excited that if you have taken my advice to heart, and are taking time to spend some intimate moments with your spouse. I realize how questionable it may sound to be encouraging people to have sex, but I hope you appreciate the candor and the willingness to be frank about an important matter in marriage.

And we have a winner!!!

In order to protect her privacy, I reached out to her directly, so I apologize...I do not have a video of knocking on this lovely lady's door with a bunch of flowers and confetti. You know, just protecting her identity!! But I am sure she is celebrating! I will post pics of the art for her as soon as it is complete.

I would love to hear from you about your experience with this challenge! Actually, let me define that better--it sounds sooooo cringe-y the way that came out. OK--let me try again, Whether you participated or not--did this spark interesting conversation at your house? I hope that you had a laugh at the concept of my challenge, but then perhaps realized that taking on these heavier relationship questions can be a good thing for you as a couple. And then I hope you shook up the status-quo by trying it out! You do not have to cop to trying it or not, but I would love your feedback. It is a little crazy to throw this kind of idea out into the stratosphere, but hey---this is the crazy I am here for.

Pretty sure my husband panics a little every time I pick up my laptop.

It's ok, I like to keep him on his toes.

But seriously--Keep the Love Language stuff going! It is applicable for all of the relationships in your life, including your kids. Obviously the younger kiddos are trickier to figure out, but by trying out each of the love languages in turn, you see which has the biggest impact on the little folks in your life. There is a book on the 5 Love Languages for children which drills a lot deeper, and I recommend it.

It is Friday! Enjoy your weekend and I hope you get some rest with your family. Moms of little ones, I know the weekend doesn't look that different from the week for you right now, but I am here to tell you there is light at the end of that tunnel. They go to school eventually!

xo, Ann Marie

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